October 17, 2012

What others say

“Fleur’s wholistic approach worked for me. We were able to improve ‘flow’ at work and quality of business development calls through being mindful, reach significantly better outcomes with domestic/internal-corporate conflict with presence, and review personal/relationship/career goal setting in a very short period of time. Her flexible style and depth of knowledge contributed greatly. I would recommend Fleur highly.”

Ben, Business Development Manager.


“I have had the opportunity and privilege to work with Fleur Carter in several capacities including facilitation, team coaching and people growth management. Having utilised team building services with a focus on high performance and creating professional togetherness, the results achieved have been outstanding.

My team has not only achieved exceedingly high levels of performance, I experienced an export of talent to assist the growing of our greater business, and a rapid return to high performance soon after new team members arrived.

Constantly in search of the supreme dream team, I am driven by the vision that one create a high performing team, year on year, regardless of how often the people or business conditions change. This ambition is more easily followed thanks to Fleur and her calming approach to growth and development. Fleur has a keen ability to bring forth the coach and mentor within that is required to lead teams and organisations. I  am confident that if you choose to engage Fleur Carter in your business it will help you reach your goals.”    Will, Manager


” In just two short months of working with Fleur, my health (both mental and physical), fitness and wellbeing dramatically improved.   From the beginning, I felt completely comfortable with and trusting of Fleur and this allowed me to really make substantial progress in terms of identifying and meeting my short-term and long-term life goals, both related to and unrelated to yoga practice.  We continue to correspond and work remotely together even while in different countries and timezones–that’s how incredible Fleur is!”     Michael, Business owner


“I can highly recommend Fleur as a Coach; coming from the health and fitness industry I have high expectations of the knowledge and skills of any trainer or coach I would use – Fleur surpassed all of these expectations and delivered a program that not only helped to transform my body but also my mind.”     Carly, Business owner


“Her sensitive yet thorough manner of dealing with me as a client made working with Fleur extremely easy and rewarding. She was able to make me feel completely comfortable and supported and relaxed.

The program itself has been of great benefit.  An understanding of the underlying mental psychology of areas of the body was also a strong and very welcome component of the evaluation and program.”  Simon, Student