October 30, 2012


Dreaming is great, planning is even better, but change is where it all happens. We can so easily come unstuck when it comes to making things happen. We make excuses, we justify, we become too busy/lazy/distracted, we procrastinate, put it off, we simply just don’t do.

What prevents us from taking the plunge and doing what what we really want?? It is easier to play it safe, to live ordinary and risk failing or falling. Fear cripples us.

Having goals, setting out clear time plans, surrounding ourselves with supportive people and just simply having a go are all important steps in achieving your goals. Anything is possible if you only try, if you start – somewhere – and you will maybe fail, you will possibly fall, but you will also succeed. Through this process you will gain:

  • Techniques that limit our obstacles and barriers
  • Steps to achieve goals through accepting responsibility
  • Increased resilience to distractions
  • An improved self regulation

It is here where anything is possible, you start to achieve your goals and be at your best.