Starting somewhere

So here we are. The beginning of a calendar year. I have not quite figured out why we wait for the end of the year to reflect and summarise. Or the beginning of a new one to reset our goals and our intentions. I guess you need to have a point in time, so it may as well be the new year. Despite it not being energetically any different from one day to the next. It is the beginning and end of the solstice, working in cycle with the moon that is actually where things can and do shift. But hey, the calendar year is also a time to stop and think about where we’ve come from and where we are going. Or where we want to be going.

I have a regular practice of setting my intentions for the year, I have a book full of them. From one year to the next, it is a great way of seeing what happened and what didn’t. Is it manifesting? Is it planning? Or perhaps a combination of the two? I am not sure, but either way I do believe in getting clear about what you WANT is super critical in going out and getting it. Not rocket science really. But getting clear on what is important helps (or is supposed to!) steer my decision making and hopefully my actions throughout the year.

Letting go of the not so useful and bringing in the useful is something I am always reflecting on. Does watching mind numbing tv serve me? How about the mindless checking of Facebook? Not really. But a regular rolling out my yoga mat and spending some time getting out of my head and into my body, hell yes. However I must admit, heading into this year I am suffering from an incredible case of the can not be bothereds. Like serious procrastination. Largely bought on by the overwhelm of all the things I could be doing v’s am doing (some nice little negative self talk thrown in for good measure always helps that) as well as this feeling of sluggishness from over indulging during the festive season (cue negative self talk moment).

The easy option on New Years day when this was all culminating was to  flick on the tv and watch another episode of The Mentalist, but given my stubborness is stronger than my laziness, I opted for rolling out my mat. Granted it is was slow, and incredibly gentle. I hardly even cracked a sweat. But damn it was sweet. The long slow stretches and the unraveling of the tightness of my body. There is nothing quite like it. It wasn’t a marathon effort, nor was I busting out handstands (actually, I never do anyway) but I did spend 30 minutes doing something useful for myself. I spent time doing something that was of benefit.  Whilst I may not have blown out the cobwebs with a strong flowing practice which I feel I desperately need, I did something else, I started. Starting is where it is at. Rolling out that mat was the best thing I could’ve done for myself on New Years Day. Not the stretching or the stability I was creating in my body, but for the act of self love and care and the achievement I felt in my mind. So lovely people, you may not start strong this year, but start somewhere.


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