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I watched the story of Bessie Bardot and her husband this week and how 6 years ago they gave away all of their belongings and hit the road in an experiment of flow. You may remember them, or maybe you don’t, but they seemingly had it all. Fame, fortune, careers they loved and a new born baby. But something was missing, it wasn’t complete, so after a an episode of Man v’s Wild (I love they got inspiration from Bear Grylls) they gave away their stuff and began a journey. Opening up their life to flow, inviting in what ever was meant to be and embracing a very different lifestyle to say the least.

I love these stories. Where people who question “is this it” and actually have the balls to do something about it. Sure they were rich and famous, and money certainly helps if you want to throw caution to the wind and take on a nomadic lifestyle. They can certainly now cash in on their celebrity status and sell their story. We don’t all have that luxury. But the message for me resonated in that they asked a question and and went looking for an answer. Knowing full well it could very well be the worst decision of their life. They had courage to take a step outside of normal to see what would help them feel more connected, fulfilled and truly living life.  That takes balls. Regardless of whether you are famous or not.

It doesn’t take giving all your stuff away and driving a van around the world to discover a feeling of fulfilment in life, but I do believe that stepping outside your comfort zone is the only way to truly be in flow. To feel connected and alive and living the life you were meant to is not something that comes easily. It takes work, it take guts, and it takes putting yourself out there. It is taking tough decisions and pushing boundaries.  I remember when I decided to live a life more in the flow, I quit my job, sold my stuff and set off with a one way ticket to India. That was nearly 4 years ago and I have to say it was the hardest but the best decision of my life so far. In order to let in, we often need to first let go. For me it was letting go of the identity I had so carefully carved for myself, of the nice little life I had in order, of the career, the safe and secure routine.  For you it might be letting go of long held beliefs of how things should be v’s how they could be.  Whatever it is, only you know what is holding you back.

I found inviting in flow meant letting the planning string loosen (hard for a control freak when you are heading overseas), it meant being curious about people and places. It meant listening, truly listening, as everywhere I went there were messages. It meant slowing down, being present and allowing space. It was about embracing the interesting and following my instinct. I felt alive, I felt blessed and I had the most incredible experiences and met the most amazing people because of it. I remember one day reflecting with a fellow traveller about the existence we were experiencing, that it felt like we were in a bubble, removed from the “real” world. And she smiled and said, maybe it is the real world that is the bubble, we are merely experiencing life. I love that. What I have found though, I can take those experiences with me, that despite being back in the “real” world, I am still able to remain for the most part in the flow. Being open, letting go, filling up. They are all accessible anywhere.

I have learned in life that not everyone questions things the way I do. Not everyone asks that dreaded question “is this it?”. Not everyone feels a certain level of discomfort when they realise the life they are living is perhaps not as exciting as it first seemed. So if you are one of those lucky ones, who doesn’t seek the meaning of life, or you have already found your sweet spot, then good for you. But if you are like me, and are on a path of truth seeking, then find whatever it is that helps you live life more in the flow. Of saying yes instead of no, of being in nature, of feeling connected to yourself, of finding space. Whether that is in a van driving around the world, living in the foothills of the himalaya or it is in your living room in your urban dwelling. It doesn’t matter, flow is everywhere, you just need to connect to it.

2 thoughts on “A life of flow

  • Hey Fleur! Nice writing, as usual. There’s also a sense of trust in the greater “flow” of life once one pushes beyond the initial jump and keeps on going. We should do a Skype session soon! Much love to you and Rabgay!

    • Thanks John – totally agree that trust is critical….at least it helps you take that all important first step! Hope all is well with you and yes, it would be great to chat x

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