Dance like no one is watching

I have just spent two days in a training I am in love with. First lets start by saying I love learning. I was maybe not your typical straight A student, nor did uni really float my boat, but get me in a training about the mind, it’s potential, about energy, about creating more happiness….then I am there, hungry, thirsty even for the knowledge. It was something I missed the last year or so, I wasn’t studying something.  So this year I have made a promise to myself to immerse myself in it. Gosh, did I say I love it??

This particular course is about Cultivating Emotional Balance. Written by two people I find inspiring and interesting Dr Paul Ekman and Alan Wallace. It brings science together with Buddhism to look at emotions and how we can work with them (rather than they work with us). Cool right? Well for me it is…..we learn, we meditate, we learn some more. Incredible.

But this blog was not to rave about the course I am doing, I will save that for another day. But I sat here inspired to share something that happened to me today. I came home pretty tired, two days of learning on your weekend off can do that to you. I watched the documentary “India’s Daughter” which had stirred some deep sadness in me. I then sat down to write a program for a client, and I was thinking about flow and movement and the power of moving your body. I realised I was craving movement…despite my comfy coach and tired body and the weight of the sadness from the documentary. I NEEDED movement.

The early warning signs had been there, I had planned to go to Mardi Gras last night to revel in the vibe of the celebration, to be surrounded by the music, the dance the colour. I wanted to be a part of it, I wanted to dance. Now if you know me at all, you would not put dancing into a category of things that would feature high on my list of things I love to do in my free time. However I have over the years partaken in the odd dance party or two and had discovered that dancing is good for me, the fluidity, the movement, the shaking it all out, it is awesome.

So what did I do? I cranked the tunes, moved the carpet out of the way, threw my notebook on the floor and I got my dance groove on. At home, at 6pm on a  Sunday evening. All by myself. I danced like no one was watching. (And hopefully no one was) It feels kinda silly at first, but a few tracks in, the sweat dripping from my face and my dance progressed into an impromptu vinyasa yoga flow coupled with dance breaks…..I have to tell you, it felt frickin amazing. I triggered every  emotion as the music pumped and I waved my arms around like an idiot. I didn’t say I was graceful, and now I write that I feel the waves of embarrassment wash over me. But somehow I created release and I feel compelled to share that with you….that sometimes stepping outside your comfort zone and doing something completely random can create the greatest shifts in our being.

I am not suggesting everyone needs to crank tunes and boogey, but what you can do, is feel where you feel stuck. Maybe like me, your whole body felt it, maybe its your heart, perhaps its your throat, or your head.  Do something to move that shit outta there, get back into your body, get into your heart and hug someone, if your in your head…. get into nature and connect with mother earth, tight around your throat, sing it baby. There is always things you can do to move and shake the stuckness we feel sometimes but first you gotta really pay attention to where you might be missing flow – perhaps we are so used to feeling stuck it is now our normal.

Do it right now, close your eyes, scan your body for where you feel stuck, it feels tight, restricted, like its not flowing. Then find something that will help restore flow. Breath. Move. Make sound. If you are at your desk, get up and walk around even. Or, if you chose, I can highly recommend Above and Beyonds latest album for getting your groove on – in particular the track Excuses. Happy grooving people 🙂

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