Crash Landings

Lets face it, life aint always a bed of roses. There are some days where you would simply prefer to put your head under the covers and spend the day hiding from the world. Maybe your body is crying “enough”, your mind is in overdrive or perhaps life in general is simply overwhelming you. Despite being the last week of my cleanse, and feeling pretty much on top of the world, I had a crash on Monday where my body simply said enough. I had no choice but to stop. It was certainly not on my agenda, especially as I had been feeling so damn good, but it just goes to show, that even when you are doing all of the things that keep you happy and healthy, sometimes you just feel like crap.

Now that home truth may surprise you, or perhaps it is not what you want to here. Lets face it, it is so much nicer to think that is completely possible to live a life full of rainbows and unicorns. Well I have to say, for the most part of the last month, I have felt like singing rainbows and riding unicorns, but guess what, I am also human. Nice reminder for myself more so than you by the way. So it got me thinking about what I should do as I came crashing to the ground, how do I handle this situation and then what can I do to help me restore that awesome feeling of wellbeing I had just a few days earlier. First of all, I actually let myself crash. I had a hot bath, I slept, I ate nourishing foods and I checked out for awhile. I only needed a few hours to restore, but I know from past experience that isn’t always the case. But I listened to my body and paid attention. Rather than fight it and soldier on, I crash landed but made sure I had some padding and support.

It is so easy to experience difficulty in our lives and wish for it to be different, to long for normal and easy and flow. However we would not be human if we didn’t experience the ups and downs, the ebbs and flows and the normal, get this the normal, process of life. The buddha taught that all life is suffering…..what I take that to be is not depressing and horrible, but rather, in life, we will all experience some form of suffering. Granted some people suffer more than others, but for each of us, we all have times when we feel a little (or even a lot) shitty. So rather than run and hide, or distract yourself or push through, how about trying some surrender, some acceptance of the situation, how about allowing your self to crash land, but make sure you do it with support, taking what you need, and some loving kindness for yourself. It will pass, of course it will, everything does.

One thing I noticed though was my ability to come back was so much quicker, I had a good sleep, rested and the very next day was jumping out of bed again. So there is something to be said about being at your best physically and emotionally, even if you do need to crash, you are more resilient and make a come back quicker and easier. Yay for healthy eating and exercise and a good nights sleep. Yay for regular practice and habits that support well being, as seriously this shit really works. You should try it some time.

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