Nourish your soul

One of my new year’s resolutions was all about connection – connection to my friends, my neighbourhood and even on some level myself. Might sound all a bit hippy and weird, but in the haze of 2014 I somehow had found I had not spent much time doing stuff for me so I wasn’t feeling the self love. I was caught up in new jobs, moving houses and unpacking the last few years of my nomadic life and re-orientating myself with my old “home”. But the quality time for me, doing things that I love, had kinda gone by the wayside. Funny how we do that to ourselves, when we actually need it the most, we let the things that nourish us go. We fall off the wagon. But we can always get back on. That is life right?

So the new year is about filling up, spending time with favourite people – of which I feel incredibly blessed to have some amazing ones in my life, of getting my yoga on and getting out and about in this amazing city. All things that are nourishing, supportive and helping with the connection side of things. Connection to people, to places and connecting into that place in myself that needed the nourishing in the first place. Filling up on nature, on community and like minded peeps. Nourishing my body with regular exercise, nourishing my mind with regular meditation (you can join me on Monday’s for group meditation if you are keen) and nourishing my soul with community. Not so hard in reality, but easy to forget when your head is in another space.

You know what nourishes you, the things that fill you up, that make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.  If you don’t, then spend some time making a list of things that you love to do, the things that you might feel are like guilty pleasures…..curling up with a good book, taking a bath, walking in nature, swimming in the ocean. Maybe its a cup of tea with a friend, cooking your favourite meal or taking a class. Whatever it is that leaves you feeling full, this week, go out and do just one thing. Fill up with the things that nourish you, even it is just one small thing, plan it in this week and go out and do it. You deserve it.


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