Restoring flow in 2015

New year equals new beginnings, resolutions, promises and an overall take stock of where we are at right now. It is the time we check how our life measures up to our expectations, our hopes, our dreams and our wishes. If you were like me, 2014 was a year that had more than its fair share of ups and downs and anywhere in between moments. I must admit, I am excited by the concept of wiping the slate clean and getting on with the new. New adventures, new beginnings and just plan old new. I am tired of the old. Lets face it, it does not always serve us. So this year is all about restoring the flow. Getting back in the groove and driving the changes I want to make in my world but also surrendering to life as it presents itself and not getting caught up in the expectations that can be so closely interwoven into dreams.

Restoring the flow is about removing the obstacles that interrupt the flow – treating the body with the kindness and respect it deserves, it is of course the main vehicle for us to achieve anything our hearts desire. A tired and depleted body is not so useful when you want to concur the world. I like to cleanse to restore my body to alignment and couple that with some exercise including yoga and I find  that even after a few days I notice the difference (minus the caffeine withdrawals I go through). I love Emma Sutherland’s Community Cleanse and one is kicking off in February if you want to join me. I have also been practicing a lot of Yin Yoga, which I adore for the gentle and subtle energetic massage you receive. Perfect for stressed or tired bodies or even if you just need some down time. The good news is my dear friend Stella at Shiny Yoga is starting up classes (for Sydney people). You should check it out.  The other thing I find with flow and ease in the body, that a diet with healthy nutritious food, low in sugar (or not at all if possible) and lots of good protein and vegetables is critical in helping the body refuel. It will also help you sleep better, which we all know is like the magic ingredient for a healthy body.

But all of these things are common sense right? I don’t need to tell you that guzzling green smoothies, practicing yoga every day and getting a solid 8 hours sleep is the key to success. So why then do we do all of things and still not feel the vibe, be loving life or simply feel connected. Often the part we miss is the importance of restoring flow in our mind. We are so focused on the external world, we miss the biggest opportunity we have to sail through life with grace and ease. Taking some time to go in, to work with our thoughts, feelings and emotions, to cultivate a practice of introspection and reflection, is perhaps the greatest gift we can give ourselves when it comes to restoring flow.  Acceptance, surrender, patience and some loving kindness towards ourselves are just as important as green smoothies and 8 hours sleep. There are many ways you can cultivate this – its like scheduling your gym appointments – you simply need to plan it in. Whether its to sit and meditate, or take a mindful walk through the park or even journal. Taking some time to be is incredibly powerful, but also equally difficult. Start small and work your way up, you  might like this article here on establishing a meditation practice, you could try some of my pre-recorded meditations here, or better still, you could join me for a group meditation class I will be leading at Balmain Buddha starting in January.  Super excited about it, the space is amazing, the community incredible and what better way to start your new year? I will also be opening up some space for a couple of coaching clients, so get in touch if you want to maximise the flow in your life.

So here is to 2015 being a year of magic and beauty, and of flow and effortless effort. I can’t wait to see what unfolds.

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