Daring to live

It’s a funny statement really, daring to live. I personally prefer it as a questions, are you daring to live? But I realise it can seem somewhat of a bizarre question to ponder, what the hell does daring to live really mean? It is perhaps more of a personal mantra, or challenge, that I set myself and I put it out there to see if maybe you too fall into this category.

Perhaps I should explain. Daring to live for me, is daring to be your best self. Daring to speak your truth, to dream your wildest dreams, to take a step towards realising those wild and crazy dreams and daring to actually allow yourself to be the best version of yourself you can possibly be. Still confused? Well, for me, I have found over the years, that I have built up layer upon layer of “should’s”. I should climb the corporate ladder, I should buy a house, I should settle down and not take off travelling round the world….all things I equated to being grown up, being responsible, and doing the things expected of me.

I fought it for years, this “should” vibe. Pushing down my deep yearning for exploration, the questions, the nagging feeling of boredom. Until one day, I decided, what would happen if I actually dared to follow the rumblings that were coming from deep down inside. Would I internally combust? Or worse still, be broke and homeless surviving off beans on toast?

I followed my heart and have continued to do so. It has led me all over the world, to some interesting places and people, and interestingly enough back into the corporate world. I have questioned myself of late, am I still daring to live? Am I giving myself the permission to be true to myself or have I fallen back into the trap of “should”? I actually felt for awhile that going back to a corporate gig was rather like selling my soul. I finally had found freedom and here I was back working 9-5. But in the midst of it all, I have come to realise that daring to live means so much more. It is not throwing in your day job and traveling round the world. It is giving yourself the permission to really and truly follow what is important to you. Of believing in something and doing it. Of continuously daring to be at your best. As most of us are mere versions of our potential.

For many of us, we settle. We settle for the job that pays ok but our boss sucks. We accept that our jeans are maybe a little snugger these days than they used to be. We believe that feeling tired in the morning is the norm, as we may actually have forgotten what it is like to feel energised. What I struggle with here, is the fine line between acceptance of how things are in this very moment, of being ok with snug jeans v’s the desire and wish for things to be different. I am tired of the health and well being industry pushing perfectionism, but also realise striving for difference is a good thing.

I have decided that it is only our selves that can decide what our best version of our selves really is. We need to establish our own dream scenario of how our life could be. It needs to be based on our self knowing v’s the latest fad diet, it should stretch our boundaries and be just outside our comfort zone v’s be totally unrealistic or unsustainable and it should be something that we can and do work towards.

Daring to live is really living your potential, of being ok with who you are right now, but also subtly pushing those boundaries.  So to come full circle, I still believe that for me, daring to live is an important question, or maybe it should be, are you daring to be at your best? 🙂 Stay tuned for my journey on not being at my best and what I have been doing to get back there.


2 thoughts on “Daring to live

  • Hey Fleur! Been thinking about you and will email elsewhen. Good post. When we’re not at our best is when we find out what our best is! As Dogen once wrote, “five times knocked down, six times get up” (the numbers might be off on that).

    Best to you and Rabgay!

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