Riding the waves

It is winter down under, and I have been fortunate enough to be close to the ocean as in Australia, winter does not mean you forgo the beauty of the beach or the activities of the great open water. The diligence and commitment of the surfing community has always amazed me. Whatever the weather, they are out catching waves, or patiently waiting for them, all in the pursuit of their great love. Bobbing up and down in the cold water for hours with sometimes little or no love, not even a ripple, yet they patiently wait it out.

I feel somehow it is reflective of my life at this moment, bobbing up and down, waiting for the wave to ride, or crash over me. And I am presented with a gazillion opportunities to practice patience. The irony of the situation is not lost on me – waiting for the waves when in 6 months I have no doubt I will long for the peace and tranquility of the simple bobbing in open and flat waters. We always long for what we don’t have it seems.

The patiently awaiting the waves is the chance to re-calibrate and rest up. As the waves do come, just like the sun rises and sets each day, the ebb and flow of the tide is drawn in and out. The analogy no different to life. The ebb and flow comes and goes, sometimes the waves feel like tsunami’s, but even after the giant waves comes a tranquility of the flat open water will eventually follow. Although I am sure if you are in the midst of a tsunami you may not exactly feel that right now.

Like everything that presents itself, I am practicing patience in this moment. Learning to accept whatever is presenting itself and dealing with the moments as they arise. Wishing and wanting for anything else only results in disappointment. Although it is easier said than done. To truly accept, to not judge, to not question why, to not want for things to be different is not really in my make up, I am not programmed that way, it is not part of my DNA.

It also means letting go of the expectation of perfection or joy or good v’s bad – there is no right and wrong, just simply different. As soon as I can embrace that mantra completely I know my world will be a much simpler place, but for now, it is back to the bobbing and the gratitude for the chance to enjoy the vastness of the great blue ocean.

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