Like a ninja

I wrote about dealing with worry last week, and it prompted me to reflect on the amount of time I spend out of alignment, off centre, or just putting it simply, not at my prime. I know the times, my body starts to get tight or worse injured, I start to crave sugary sweets and I find I “deserve” a glass a of wine on most days. It is usually a combination of all of the above and you can imagine what my mind is doing. It is certainly not calm and clear, it may even be starting to worry or worse still, my mind becomes delusional. I start not seeing the reality but rather a warped version of stories and conspiracy theories. (A little dramatic, and for the record, I don’t engage in conspiracy theories but rather my mind fails to see the truth).

This happens from time to time – it is our nature to move and shift and change. Some days are good and sunshiny and peachy keen and others you wish you never ventured out your front door. It is how we can deal with the situations as they arise that is a test of our resilience and coping mechanisms. It is no secret, some people are better at this game than others. Some people are simply glass half full or glass half empty kinda people. You may not even have to work in glasses, you may just get dealt a whole lotta crap at once. But is it possible to build resilience and coping mechanisms? Can you develop and grow the strength to be out of alignment but more importantly come back?

I believe it is entirely possible to build the skills so that over time, you become more and more practiced at coming back to centre. Of finding your sweet spot of isness that means you are rock solid and no amount wind blowing is going to shift your connection to yourself and your moment.  For some of you, you may be wondering what I am going on about, but for those of you sensitive souls like moi (maybe you read last weeks post and it resonated) you may find yourself regularly feeling not your best bright shiny self.

Like the ninja’s (or maybe the samurai, but either way you get my point) that train for years so that nothing can waver their line of concentration, we too can train ourselves to be unwaiverable. Maybe we are not quite ninja status, and lord knows I am not, but I do notice that my wobbles and fall downs are becoming less and less frequent, and the pick me ups are becoming faster and faster. Sure I am unable to in a split second experience a life changing moment and come back to centre – but the time between potential melt down and normality is decidedly less. I also find that I am getting better and better at noticing the subtle signs that the agitation, frustration, anger, despair (name your favourite) is arising.

In the end, emotions are all simply energy in motion –  e-motion. So things do shift and change so you can always rely on that, but if you can contribute in some small way to watching and noticing, that will lead to shifting and moving rather than dwelling and even drowning.

Notice your typical “vices” that you reach for when this starts to happen – mine personally is a glass of wine or a sweet hit; I also notice my patience level starts to lower (or as my husband puts it “the anger comes quickly” ) and I can see that maybe I need to restore the flow. I notice what it is that I am feeling e.g. heavy, anxious and flighty, stuck and apply the opposite. If I feel flighty and anxious, a restorative yin practice and grounding food, if I am heavy and stuck some free flowing vinyasa and light salads and pranayam. Stale and stagnant, sometimes even a short walk outside is enough to blow away the cobwebs or if I am agitated and angry, a shower works wonders. If you are into the elements, you can check in on what you are feeling you are missing (earth/water/air/fire/space) and find something that brings that element into your day.

It works a treat and is one step towards becoming more like a ninja.

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