The power of people

Recently I had the pleasure of spending a week with over 100 aspiring future senior leaders. It was part of leadership development program focused on developing the business through the people and you can imagine that when you have over 100 people in the one place it can be pretty full on.  I watched as the week unfolded, people chatted, debated, opened up and ultimately connected on another level.

What I found interesting is that through my yoga training, the thing that became one of the most important learnings was not the ancient sanskrit or texts, nor the detailed teachings on asana, pranayam or meditation, but the sangha, the community that has built over the years. It was the connection to people and how important that is to our personal development and growth.

To be fair, in a corporate setting you don’t have the same kinda vibe as you do at a yoga retreat. There is not a lot of omming or savasana going on in the corporate world (although I have been known to throw it in every now and again), but what I did notice is the real connection on a human level. The ability to share, to be heard and to really listen. What is important in a group is the same whether it is the yoga world or the corporate arena.

Being able to show up just as you are.

How “you” are you at work?

What I witnessed over the week, was laughs, tears, hugs and genuine connection. And this is not the yoga retreat, this is the corporate world. As participants allowed themselves to be more authentic, they were able to become more aware of who they were as leaders.   They were challenged, given feedback, supported and able to learn and grow as people. That leaves me feeling pretty inspired. So power from the people – creating community whether it be at work or in the yoga world really is a powerful tool.

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