Following my dreams

I had a dream last night I was writing….on a flip chart with a big marker, I was like a mad women possessed. I couldn’t keep up as my mind and my hand tripped over each other in a fight to get there first. I have no idea what I was writing about, but it was important and passionate and crazy. I continued to scrawl across the flip chart until I had not one centimetre of space  and so I decided to move to the laptop to continue the writing frenzy. I HAD to write.

Tonight I decided that perhaps I should listen to my sub conscious and sit at the laptop and see what happened. Lets be honest, it has been awhile, in fact it has been ages, but I do have a  belief that you need to just start. Somewhere. Where ever you may be, no matter how broken or twisted or unfit or lazy or life is simply impossibly hectic to do anything. You just start. One step at a time, you begin with one foot in front of the other and surprisingly things that seem impossible begin to materialise.  Sure there are days where you trip and fall, weeks or hell months you might fall off the wagon, but you are slowly but surely carving new pathways, little by little, you are paving the way for newness and freshness and small and subtle change.

So where was I yes? Yes, dreams. And following them. I am a big believer in following your dreams. Listening to the inner voice that drives you to do the unthinkable. At times it may even make you question your own sanity, but following your dreams is not really for the faint hearted, or the sane. You have to be a little bit crazy. Actually maybe a lot crazy to step outside the comfort zone and try something new  (incidentally I have a lot of crazy friends). There are times where it is completely amazing and awesomeness and there are times when you actually wonder WTF?!? I actually realised if you don’t have a WTF moment you may actually still be playing it safe.

Following your dreams – no matter how big or small, how life changing or simple they may be really comes down to one thing. How prepared are you to live the life you are meant to?  Perhaps following your dreams is easy, your life unfolds as you want it to and as you plan it. Or maybe you are like the rest of us. Life is crazy and chaotic and full of surprises. Somedays you feel like you are exactly in the place you are meant to be and somedays you wonder what the hell happened and why on earth you decided to….(fill in the blank with life changing decision).

So the moral of the story is this – following your dreams is not always easy or pleasant and full of rainbows and unicorns, but once you start, you can never go back, even if you try.  So keep moving forward, and even though you might not realise it, life is unfolding just as it should. (Taken from one of my favourite pieces of writing The Desiderata).

For me – the crazy dream got me to sit and write, and in doing so made me realise that even though life is hectic and crazy sometimes, I am following my dreams even though some days I don’t even realise it.


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