You’d better believe it

So it seems this working full time business keeps me fairly busy – grand plans of writing and continuing to blog disappeared about 3 months ago when the realisation of starting a new job, in a new country, is kind of time consuming, or perhaps energy consuming to say the least. It is not to say I have not had stuff to write about, on the contrary, I have LOADS to write about. Even more so I am working in a different culture (we all share the same hopes/dreams/fears), why working with people is important for me (refer to point 1) and how I have temporarily adjusted some goals and the importance of being flexible (not only in body). More of that to come in 2014…..

But back to a reflection I have had on my daily commute from work. I have had, like I am sure many people do, some ups and downs over my career. Like life, there are good days, and bad, periods where you feel like you can achieve anything and then others where you really question what the hell you are doing. It is how things go. I recognise that often this ebb and flow of good and bad is intrinsically linked to my own belief in my ability. I have a period of time where I think I suck at everything, and funnily enough soon later everyone and everything around me starts to validate that. Coincidence? Or maybe my inside world is creating the outside world.

First learning: Believe in yourself and others will too.

I have also realised, that during these times of lack of belief, I have been fortunate enough to have a person around me that knows me, that is there for me, that is on my team and really truly believes in me. Someone who can hold the mirror up to when me when I need it, perhaps give me a reality check if need be, or simply be there to tell me how unbelievably amazing I am. The power of belief is incredible.  My friend Bec calls this her cheer squad, and I kinda like that. We all need cheer squads in our lives.

Working in a team, I can see the opportunities to build belief. To give encouragement when someone is questioning themselves, to listen and be a sounding board, or to simply tell someone they are awesome.  I guess you can say it is paying forward. I also know when I am coaching, the biggest key to success is not the tools or programs I can provide, but the ability of people to see their potential for themselves. I believe in their potential, and when they do too, the opportunities are endless.

Perhaps my favourite saying on belief  –

“It is not that I will believe it when I see, it is I will see it when I believe it”.

(I can’t remember the source, but I think it is from a doco “What the bleep do we know?”)

Working on our own self belief is so important for us to be able to live a life we deserve, but sometimes I admit, this can be tough.

How about starting with believing in someone else. Be a part of someone’s cheer squad. I am sure there is someone in your life right now that could use your support. Rather than just thinking about it, go and tell them how awesome they are, what you value about them, and help them with their own belief.

Then maybe my next blog will be about our own beliefs and what I have found to be useful in building self belief from the inside out 🙂



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