How to live life in the flow

It is just over 3 years ago that I made a life changing decision – I wanted to live life more in the flow, to experience new and interesting adventures, to throw caution to the wind and get out and explore the world. I felt stuck, that I was living a mapped out life that somehow I hadn’t mapped out. Being in the flow seemed like a much more appealing life. To be free, to not be dictated by a schedule, to do what I wanted and when I wanted.

It was an experiment of sorts. Could I really let go of my rigid structured ways and step outside my comfort zone? I love structure, routine, normal…it helps me feel grounded and safe. So I wanted to test that boundary. And living life in the flow scared the bejesus out of me.

I thought, that if I was more in the flow, going with the moment, it would allow me to be more open, to be more accepting of what was presenting itself and to really live an abundant life. I guess after 3 years I can say my views have slightly changed, but in some respects it has confirmed what I thought, or should I say what I knew to be true. But first, my biggest learning.

I had the belief that there was good and bad things, lucky and unlucky and that if I was more on my “path” then I too would be one of those lucky few that lived a blissfully happy life and went around singing rainbows. I need to start and set the record straight, living life in the flow for me now, does not mean that once all the planets are aligned life will miraculously get easier. Big, naive, misunderstanding on my behalf.

But here is the good bit…

My next learning was living life in the flow was simply living life in this moment. That being in the flow means you are slowly but surely removing the obstacles that get in the way of your view on life. Notice the obstacles are related to your view. They do not sit outside of you. News flash, you might get sick, you will lose luggage, you might have bad things happen to loved ones. Life will go on dishing out, but when you are in the flow, you simply learn to accept whatever is presenting itself as it is. Not wanting it to be different or bigger or brighter or sunnier or warmer or whatever it is that it is not.

For sure when you get yourself out of the way, start removing the obstacles, life does get easier. You work with your body to live a cleaner and healthier life, and guess what you sleep and poo normally (key indicators in how you feel). You work with the breath, it helps purify the nervous system and that is a gateway to the mind. You work with the mind. You don’t all of sudden become holier than thou, serenely floating through life like Mother Theresa and not want to scream at the taxi man who rips you off, you may not want to heel the sick but you do notice your desire to scream at the taxi man (and perhaps do it anyway. )

Living life in the flow is not a destination but rather a process of how you live your life. The more you come back to what you know to be true, the more you listen to your body and your instincts and your inner voice, the more you live a life that feels real to you and dare I say authentic.

It doesn’t mean you relinquish responsibility, move to the hills and smoke pot as you are “simply going with the flow man”. It does mean that you are flowing, you are no longer stuck or stagnant and you are more accepting of how things truly are.

This is for you Anne – a constant source of inspiration 🙂

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