You deserve it…..

How is the starting something going for you? I must admit my goal of weekly blog kinda slipped, but only by a few days late so better late than never right.

It is so easy when you are getting back on track to get off to a flying start, and then fall in a heap shortly after. If you have ever given up anything (think smoking, eating chocolate, coffee….) you often find yourself thinking “I’ll just have one, it won’t hurt.” Next thing that block of Green and Blacks magically disappears and you are back to where you started from. Or so you think.

Starting, and then stopping, is all part of a process. For some, getting started and staying on the path is easy. They have dedication and conviction and for others it is a stop/start/stop/give up path. What makes you an all guns blazing high achiever or a lazy Lucy who keeps putting off ever ticking off anything on her to do list can come down to a few simple things.

Goals (motivation) – I hate to say it, but if you are not clear on your goal, what you want to achieve and more importantly why you want to achieve it, it can be damn hard doing anything. Start drinking green smoothies cos everyone else does? Not going to cut it. Educate yourself on the reasons why you are doing anything. It can help you when the going gets tough

Sangha/community/friends – surround yourself with people who will support you in your goal. Want to give up the booze? Don’t race to the pub on Friday with your boozy work colleagues. Have a back up plan, make up excuses, hell even lie if you need to help you find the space, and then the place you can be to able to handle peer pressure, questions or whatever else people decided to throw at you. If you are going for something big – like giving up booze, or quitting your day job to follow your dreams, people can be harsh.They will project their own feelings and fears onto you so be careful who you confide in. (Trust me on this one) On the other hand, friends who are supportive are a must. Find some like minded mates that support you with whatever you are doing.

Accept – if you are just starting a new habit or kicking an old one, the path will be rocky. You will have days when you want to put it off, hit snooze, make up every excuse in the book not to go to the gym etc. Accept that this will happen and don’t beat yourself up. But get back on track asap.

Question yourself – if you find yourself constantly slipping back into old ways, maybe it is time to  have a little one to one time with your self. What are you avoiding? What are you afraid of? What is contributing to the avoidance? Perhaps there is a greater  underlying issue such as you don’t believe you can do it. Well I got news for you – tell your negative old self to f*ck off as YOU are awesome and deserve every bit of your goal – be it a healthy body, calm mind, or following your dreams. You are worth it and deserve it. Often we sabotage ourselves so we can validate our own self deprecating beliefs. Dumb I know, but common. So dig deep, give yourself a good talking to and move on. The possibilities are endless 🙂


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