Start anywhere, but start now

So it has been awhile since I last posted – maybe a while is an understatement, but I found the longer I let it go, the harder it was to sit and actually write. I would try. Open the page, and sit at the blank computer screen, frozen by a multitude of excuses “I can’t think of anything worth writing; I have too much other stuff going on to dedicate the time; it has already been 4 weeks, what will another one hurt….” you get it. And no doubt you have fed yourself the same old lame bullshit before. I am guessing I am not alone on this one. Is it procrastination and a case of the lazies? Or is it actually more like fear. Once I start (again) I am therefore committed. Am I ready for that? Be it the diet, the gym, the relationship you have put on a hold – we all put off doing things that we know we should. The funny part is, that these things often are sources of pleasure once we are committed, but if you fall of the wagon, it can be a hard step to take to get back on.

I am a big fan of taking time out when you need it, of walking on your morning run occasionally,Β  or even sleeping in when you need it. All too often we push through as we think we “should”. When in fact we need a good ole rest. But when does a rest turn into denial turn into letting go of a habit, routine or practice that we know is good for us?

Like anything, first step is awareness. Being aware we have letting something slip is kinda crucial. Then you can make informed decisions around stopping and starting, consciously. But when you get to a point that the people at your gym have forgotten who you are, your skinny jeans have been relegated to the back of the wardrobe for another day or you have not seen your best mate since last Xmas, it is time to just step up and start.

Some things to help you out in the getting started again part;

1. Make it public that you are going to do something, tell a friend, post it on facebook, make a big bold statement – I am going to do …….it is called accountability.

2. Remind yourself of all the good things about said habit you have let slip – feeling good, fitting into the skinny jeans, your bestie that makes you sides hurt from laughter. A big list is useful.

2. Set a time frame – when will you start? Tomorrow, next Tuesday at 3pm, why not today? Setting a realistic time frame (note, realistic and achievable) helps with the goal thingy.

3. Just do it, put the fears aside, stop the whinging and whining in your head and do it. You may look like you are going to have a heart attack after your first run, you may not be able to take the stairs after a gym session, you may think your blog post is not perfect, but hell, you have started.

4. Allow yourself the satisfaction of completion – and plan the next one.

No need putting it off anymore, as you have started. And don’t it feel good?

Sure does feel good to write again πŸ™‚

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