Seize the day

I have had one of those weeks, where I kid you not, daily there has been major events. Life changing news, decisions, stuff going on. Maybe it is the moon energy, or my karma or the planets aligning all in a neat little row – who the hell knows, but each day has presented new information that rocks you to your very core.

It is in these moments that you know you are alive. You feel every second. You hear every breath.

Dare Quote

Each moment presents new lessons, sweet whisperings of the preciousness of this life, and the punch-you-in-the-gut kinda of wake up. Life is funny like that, just when you get complacent, or relaxed or dare I say bored, she serves you up a doozy. Or a couple just for good measure – in case you didn’t get it the first time. Reminders of the beauty, the rawness, the magnitude of the here and now.

Living life to the fullest? Following your dream? Appreciating what you got? It is like life taunts you – challenges you to live each and every moment – to not waist another moment filling your day with a list of shoulda, coulda, wouldas.

This is the moment, it is here and now you make change. Don’t put off the dreams, the bucket list, the plans for the future. Do it now. Don’t wait for the right moment, enough cash, the perfect body, the kids to grow up, your planets to align or whatever other excuse you find to not live life.

I know I bang about this a lot – but seriously, life is too short not too to the best version of you.

Book that holiday, quit that boring arse job, ask out that hot guy/girl, take up singing, move to the country, ask for that promotion, leave your drop kick partner – whatever it is you dream about, carpe diem people – take this day and like Nike says, “just do it”. Make them happen.

I have always said, I never wanted to be remembered as the girl “that worked hard and did well at her job”. Kind of my inspiration really to get and see the world.  What do you want to be remembered for?

2 thoughts on “Seize the day

  • In an effort to help a pal out, you may want to rethink giving credit where credit is due. Admittedly, “just do it” is Nike’s slogan. But it’s not, as far as I know trademarked and people have been using that phrase longer than Nike has been around. The major issue I have with Nike is this, More recently, they’ve said they’ll look into problems at their Converse factory, as well, where conditions are as toxic as can be. In a word, I wouldn’t give Nike free advertising.

    Otherwise, good post! Continue being that version of you! It’s da best!

    • Thanks John – my intent was not really to promote Nike, but it clearly was a good campaign for them as it stuck with me (and I am sure many others). Thanks for pointing out what Nike are up to these days!

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