Why I do what I love and love what I do

I have always loved working with people – perhaps that is why in my corporate career I ended up working in Human Resources. I say ended up, as it was never a strategic plan or constructed career program, but rather a direction I found myself taking quite by accident. It is little like my Yoga Coach path, something that simply emerged and unfolded without me really mapping it out. Sometimes that happens, you just need to follow what presents itself.

I love seeing people shine, of being the best  versions of themselves  – whether that is in their job from my corporate gig or more recently working one on one with clients. So when you love something so much, you know you are on the right path. When you see the results your clients achieve it only confirms, I really do love what I do.

Recently I had the pleasure of working with *Lisa.  A dream to work with  – open and ready to embrace new things, dedicated and disciplined and a healthy level of curiosity – the results she achieved were amazing. Lisa came to as she was going through some life changes and wanted to establish a yoga practice at home. She knew that a regular practice could help with the transitions she was going through as she had some experience with yoga before.   I will take you through the steps we followed that led to a pretty amazing outcome.

  1. Establish the goals – Lisa and I first met to discuss her goals and this gave me a chance to outline how I work.  I explained the Yoga Coach system and Lisa talked to me about what she wanted to achieve.
  2. Set a framework – Lisa was clear she wanted a daily practice and we established a plan for how she would achieve this. With a small child and lots of change going on, it wasn’t enough to say “I will do it” there had to be things in place to allow her to practice.
  3. Start with the most pressing issue – Lisa suffered from mild to chronic neck and shoulder pain that heightened during periods of stress. Through her physical assessment it was evident that Lisa’s entire right side was not in alignment. We began with stretching the areas that were tight and that could provide relief from the pain.  We also introduced some basic pranayam and mediation as this was new for Lisa.
  4. Deal with whatever arises – as we worked through the program, we would meet weekly and adjust the program to what ever was was arising. This is the benefit of a personal approach v’s cookie cutter programs. We would fold in different aspects of the Yoga Coach system that were appropriate, this included movement, lifestyle practices, breath and meditation. After 6 weeks we did a re-assessment and the results were amazing; Lisa’s right side was in alignment and she had made significant improvements to her posture.
  5. Treat the whole not the parts – working with Lisa holistically, we included different aspects that focused on body, energy, mind and life. Everything from maintaining a regular practice, diet and making time and space for herself. Lisa engaged her husband in the process and they even completed a family vision board together. Lisa improved her diet, became clear about what she wanted in her future and made significant improvements to her neck and shoulder pain.
  6. Results speak for themselves – after 3 months, Lisa was pain free, was practicing regularly and had a clear vision and purpose for her and her family. She had gained confidence and had a new energy for her life – excited about the change in her life rather than afraid. And in her words was “the healthiest I have ever been”.
*Name changed to protect the identity of the client.

Working with people like Lisa validates why I do what I do – it is inspiring to share in the process of people becoming the best they can be. If you want to be like Lisa – then contact me for a free chat today.

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