This sh*t works…

Every now and again I am reminded of why I actually practice yoga – might seem strange, but I do forget sometimes. Take a time where I have let my practice slip – by practice I mean asana, pranayam and medtitaion. I do all 3 most days ( I say most as I won’t lie, there is some days I hit snooze and roll back over) . There are times when I let my healthy habit slide and I go from one day, to one week next thing it is a month since I have rolled out my mat or sat on my seat. I can safely say after a period of not much practice and now being back into it regularly for a month, this shit really works. And here are some of the benefits:

1. Body – no surprises here, if you move your body, you feel better. I don’t do crazy 90 minute classes or handstands or postures that require you to be in the Cirque de Solei, my routine is simple, but targeted to the areas of my body that I know need it. I strengthen the parts that are not strong and stretch the ones that are tight. Common sense really, but much more beneficial that being in a class with 100 other people with entirely different bodies. 30- 45 minutes a day is all it takes to feel strong and a little bendy where you need it most. Working with clients I can see the difference in 1 week. Yep, the body is amazing, do something every day for a week and see the difference. (Of course, longer more consistent practice is required to make real sustainable change!!)

Seriously - it does!

Seriously – it does work!

2.  Mind – after Vipassana you would think my meditation would be sublime floating sessions each time. Actually it is not, it is just is as it is. But if I make time to sit every day, no matter what my mind is doing, I stick to my habit. Some days it will be floaty and calm and peaceful; others chaos. My mind still gets crazy, but the best part of meditation, when your mind gets crazy, you are practiced at seeing it. Confused? Part of meditation is to observe – if you observe your crazy mind, you can not be your crazy mind. You are not caught up in it all, you are separate. Very handy when you have a lot of crazy mind stuff goin on.

3. Life – In general, when I am on my game with practice, I sleep better, I wake earlier, I have more energy, I feel good about myself and my jeans fit better. That is all a bonus for how I interact in the world. If I am a happy camper, funnily enough so are the people around me. I can see when I might have feelings of overwhelm or insecurity or fear arising and I can deal with them. I can take a break, or dinner out with my man, or plan not to plan.

So that said, I am going to head off for a hot date with my man – an evening of no homework, or work, or planning or stuff, just us.

Practice is just that practice, do you have a routine you stick to keep sane? Drop it in the comments below, would love to hear how you stay on your game. Or need help setting up one, then drop me a line.


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