It’s all karma baby….

Someone wrote to my recently and asked what my take was on destiny and fate. Did I believe in it? It is a great question (and I love getting questions and ideas for blog’s, so keep them coming) and one that could be debated for hours over a good bottle of red with some good company. But, I don’t have a good bottle of red (this is India, they are not known for their wines) and I will use the blog as my company so it will be a one sided debate. I guess it is my take after all.

There are a few “rules” or laws that I think I should start with – if you believe in the law of cause and effect (in many traditions this is known as karma) this suggests that you believe in any actions cause a reaction. So in that sense, you are the creator of your own karma….now this is where it gets tricky. If you believe that we have been here before in some form eg past lives, then you are currently reaping the rewards of your actions in past lives. This can be kinda not cool if you were an axe murderer in a past life. However, you can still believe in karma and only in this life time.Either way, this would suggest we control our own destiny to some degree.

If you believe in a creator God – then you may hold the belief that God has a plan for you. This then suggests that your fate is out of your hands. You may also feel that there is a universal energy that we are all connected to and our path is pre-written, our lives are unfolding as part of the greater plan. There is a few cool movies that depict different ways of viewing destiny and fate. I love Matt Damon in “The Adjustment Bureau”. or “Deja Vu” with Denzel Washington. Both cover the topic of pre-determined paths. Destiny. Fate. Even karma to some degree.  So is it all done and dusted, are our paths carefully mapped out before us?

For me it comes down to three  things –

1. Believe in something – whatever helps you sleep at night. Be it God, or Shiva or the teachings of the Buddha or the Crystal Fairy Arch Angel. Believing in something helps you get through the times when you are questioning your very being and helps shape your view on life.

2. You reap what you sow, what goes around comes around and that you get back what you put out. Generally speaking, being a good person is a good thing.

3. Most importantly in each and every moment we have the opportunity to chose. We can chose if we say something bitchy about someone, we decide if we drag our arse out of bed each day to exercise and it is entirely up to us how we view our reality. We can focus on all of shitty things that are going on in our worlds and feel overwhelmed with worry, or we can chose to say “Thank god I am alive to day, I am breathing, how lucky am I, another opportunity to live my life to the fullest!”


Buddhists believe in the law of karma

Life is like a pick a path novel. You get to decide how it takes form as you have the power of choice. Maybe there is a greater plan, or maybe not, who actually knows. But what I do know is once you are clear on what you want, it is amazing how opportunities will present themselves, you just got to see them. Perhaps that is connecting to the universe, maybe it is our path emerging, or maybe you have just decided to cut the crap that is blocking your view and everything is now clear.

What I do know, it is a great excuse for laziness to rely entirely on the belief that everything is pre-determined. What you are beliefs? Drop them in the comments below, I love a good destiny debate.

4 thoughts on “It’s all karma baby….

  • I once read a war song in Swahili – and if I remember it accurately it roughly translates as “Life’s true meaning is in the struggle, victory or defeat is already in the hands of the gods (predetermined), therefore let us rejoice in the struggle”

  • hi ,i come from india, kerala.i live in a city called calicut .fate ,karma,and destiny are topics which intrigue,puzzle and keeps you exploring further,only to find unanswered questions.
    1.i have to believe in astrology cos’when your time is bad according to the stars, a certain job or business proposal just doesn’t get going however hard you try,but I’ve noticed the same thing gets done very easily when your time improves.this i’ve experienced so i have to believe in it.
    2″.what you sow is what you reap”.the law of karma cheat somebody you will pay for your actions sooner or according to hindu beliefs rebirth,happens and you take birth as animals or insects or humans according to your actions in your previous life.and it is said you can decide which form you want to take to improve your karmic account.rebirth stops when your karmic account is good enough to attain moksha.this is what i understand hindu philosophy is.i believe we create our own destiny,but actions beyond our control is destiny.for example a plane crash, or an earthquake.kindly comment

    • Thanks so much for your comments, it is always so interesting to read other people’s experience and beliefs. There are so many sources of information regarding karma and destiny – including astrology and religion. I think it is important to find the truth for you – and live your life accordingly.

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