What size fish tank do you swim in?

I love seeing how people come across my website – referring sites, links, and my personal favourite, google searches. Today someone googled “breaking your limit to greatness”. What an awesome term. How do you break your limit to greatness? Perhaps I covered some of the limitations here, but I am reminded of a story that Read more about What size fish tank do you swim in?[…]

Surviving Vipassana – a beginners guide

As I sit and sip my lassi on the busy streets of Varanassi, I hear the faint sounds of “Ram, Ram” being chanted. It is the sound of a funeral procession and before I realise it a corpse is floating down the tiny alleyway. Covered discreetly with colourful cloth and being carried on a bamboo Read more about Surviving Vipassana – a beginners guide[…]