How lucky are you?

I am writing to you from the sunny beaches of Goa – the weather is warm but not too hot, we swim most days, wake when we feel like it, eat when are hungry and strangely enough my watch stopped working on the first day as the sun was signalling an end to our first glorious day. Pardon the pun, but timely. I am very strongly attached to my watch, I don’t like being late and can get a little obsessed with what time it is so I can get as much into my day as possible. So point taken from the universe, relax, let go and just go with the flow.

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Being on “holidays” in this day and age is certainly changing, I can still work (had an amazing Skype session with a client in Nepal), I can catch up with friends all around the world and all from the beach hut watching the world go by as I sip my morning coffee or afternoon beer. (Jealous yet??) Anyway, I was chatting to a friend the other day and she dropped this little pearl of wisdom into the conversation……

“I am one of the luckiest people I know, I just forget it sometimes”.

It has been brewing over in mind as I too share her thoughts, I am so lucky I just forget to appreciate it every day. For the most I am humbled and awed by life and what it serves up, but somehow, someday’s I simply forget how damn good things can be. Or the alternative, I chose to focus on all the things that are not so rosey and peachey keen that I can spend my waking hours focused on what I don’t have, what I should be doing, how I can do more, be more… get the point.

I realised it is a simple choice we can make, we can chose to sweat the small stuff or we can chose to revel in the beauty of a moment.  Even if you are going through a shit time (and I know some people who are right now) there is always something to feel grateful for, something that is the light in your tunnel, something that you can chose to focus on and consider yourself lucky about.

It is like our inherit potential, we are all amazing human beings we simply forget our own true nature. I read a beautiful article in the India Times today about spiritual amnesia and it reminded me of the statement from my friend. We are constantly forgetting what we know is good for us,  how amazing we are, how talented and special our gifts make us. Sometimes we need remembering, we need to chose to see things in a different way, to recognise that if we stop wanting for something different, we may actually be ok with what is.

Sometimes it is hard to remember, when we are covered by the thick fog of negative emotions, situations that take every once of our being to pull ourselves through, when every waking moment is jam packed with life, we forget. But just like the movie “50 First Dates” we simply need some gentle reminders, a supportive and patient friend and over time, we will slowly but surely remember and start to shift our pattern of forgetting to one of remembering. It all starts with a simple choice, do you want to remember or do you chose to forget?

2 thoughts on “How lucky are you?

  • I think this article is written for me!
    Thank you so much, it’s a wonderful article that helped me and now I am gonna take some time to count the positive things in life .

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