Do what you love and love what you do

I am back into writing, which is doing something I just love. I had a passion for it in High School but when my grand plans of becoming a writer did not come to fruition it is something I let go of. Until recently that is when I started a travel blog, mainly for family to keep up to date with travel stories and pictures, but it was through this process I re-kindled a love for writing.

So here I am again, writing AND putting it out there. Sometimes it can be a tad scary trying something (sounds dumb I know) but I set myself a goal of getting my writing published – I chose 2 publications I love and respect, set myself a goal (5 articles by the end of 2012) and guess what??? I have even had 6 articles now published on elephant journal and MindBodyGreen.

Just goes to show, do what you love and things will happen (oh, and set yourself some goals also doesn’t go astray)

Here are the latest additions

The V Word – dealing with vulnerability

The Importance of Growing Spiritual Balls –


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