How to achieve your dreams

Planning, dreaming, pondering and mapping out your ideal life is fun and creative and exciting. It can be scary and daunting to really let loose on your dreams but once you start you can find it is a waterfall – a slow trickle can soon turn into a rushing torrent. Our days, our minutes our moments can be filled with visions of our future, of what we want our life to look like, of the amazing things we are going to achieve. It can become consuming.

The biggest challenge with dreaming big is in fact making it happen. Taking our fantasies and turning them into a reality is where we fall down. We become too busy, things get too hard and we fall into the trap of convincing ourselves we don’t really deserve all that greatness anyway. We fill our time with “stuff” rather than focusing on the things that lead us to the life we dream of, the life we long for, the life we deserve.

When mapping out your future, it is vital to take it one step further and plan out the details of how you are actually going to make it happen. To simply sit back and rely on the universe to deliver is a cop out. To suggest “it was not meant to be” is an excuse for accepting rather than doing.  So rather than fill your days with “stuff” here are are some tips to take your dreams from out there to your everyday reality.

1. Set goals – work out the what, the who and most importantly the how. Set dates and look at the details of what you can do, who can support you and what are the realistic time lines

2. Be SMART with your goals – we use it in business and we can adopt the same approach in our lives. Set goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable and Timely.

3. Share your goals with people who support you, tell them your dreams and recruit their help.  These people will support you in the achievement of your goals and help you be accountable.

4. Don’t share your dreams with nay sayers – if you have people who are negative, who shine the light of impossibility on everything you say, refrain from telling these people. They will only highlight all of your fears and make you feel crap.

5. Avoid laziness – here are some tips how.

6. Celebrate success – enjoy and savour the moments where you achieve something. Treat yourself, reflect on what you have done, allow yourself to feel proud.

7. Never, never give up. You will fall, you will fail and you need to accept that somethings will not go to plan. But pick yourself up and move on. Learn from your mistakes and celebrate the fact you tried. But never, never give up.

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