The 3 types of laziness and how to avoid them

Living a life you dream of can be exciting and exhilarating. It is filled with moments of satisfaction and gratitude and wonderment and awe, and most of all it is down right fun.  Often we get caught up in life just doing, we don’t live our dreams and one of the biggest obstacles, in fact one of the only obstacles to living the life you dream about is laziness.

We can day dream and ponder about “one day I will….” We can spend hours thinking about how wonderful our life could be if only we had enough cash, or time, or skills, or perfect partner, or kick ass job, or the right body, or….. But in reality, we often post pone our dreams because of a deeper issue. We put off living our lives because of laziness. The 3 main types of laziness:

  1. “I will do it tomorrow” Procrastination is a killer. How many things do we think about, even plan and then when it comes crunch time we make excuses for actually doing it. I will get up early and run tomorrow, I will look for another job next week, I will book that trip of the life time next year. Usually “I will do it later” is followed by “because right now I need to sleep in, watch TV, check facebook, gossip with my friends”  We find excuses why now is not the perfect time to do something towards living our dreams. This leads to point 2.
  2. “I don’t have enough time because I am so busy!” We fill our days with so many things, mundane activities that we sometimes don’t even realise are in fact distractions. We over commit, and under plan, we spend hours online, socialising, working, and filling every waking moment. We feel productive, but in reality we are simply distracting ourselves from our goals. Our purpose, what we want to achieve out of life. Being busy with “stuff” does not necessarily mean we are achieving. If you find you feel like you are constantly busy but never achieving your dreams, then it may be time to evaluate things – are you really busy or simply putting off living the life you deserve.
  3. “I can’t because I am not good enough” This is my personal favourite. We tell ourselves we can not achieve something because we don’t have the key skills, enough knowledge, the right experiences, the right hairstyle. We tell ourselves we can’t and it justifies why we don’t.  I can’t meditate, I can’t quit my job, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.

So how to overcome these forms of laziness? Is it even possible? Of course it is, and here are some points for you to consider and tips to implement to see you on your way to a life filled with your dreams and goals.

  1. Claim back your power – You have the power to chose; you can do whatever you decide. It is really that simple. You can get up in the morning if you chose to, you can quit your dead end job if you so desire, and you can start taking control of your life.  Stop making excuses and giving away your power.
  2. Combating procrastination – the Tibetan Buddhists (which this is article is largely influenced by) suggest reflecting on how precious this human life is. Think, reflect, meditate on life and on death. It will happen of that we are sure, in fact we don’t even know when, so how would you chose to be spending your time?
  3. Overcoming distractions – map out how you spend your day. What fills the hours, the minutes, the moments. Is this useful? How does it support your dreams? Then  spend some time planning your “Perfect Day”. What would it look like and how would you spend your time? There are things we can not avoid (personal hygiene is usually a must, but I will leave that up to you) but think about how much time you spend on each activity and what your ideal would be but most importantly how it is supporting your dreams.
  4. Beating the self doubt – one of my core beliefs is that our potential is inherent. We all have the potential for greatness. Or as the Buddha put it, we all have “Buddha Nature” the potential to become a Buddha. Check with your self , what are the limiting beliefs you are holding?  How often do you tell yourself you can’t do something? Compare this to how many times you have even tried, or how much time you are investing in achieving that goal and you can then see if this is valid or simply another excuse.

Some quick and easy points to consider, but considering the outcomes, potentially life changing. Overcoming the obstacles to achieving your goals is the biggest step towards living the life you deserve.

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